Bread Baking With Choco Q

Photo by Atticus B

Photo by Atticus B

Saturdays in September
10am - 1pm

Nothing impresses like homemade bread! 

Discover the science and art of bread baking, and learn how to create impressive and delicious loaves at home. This hands-on class will teach you the mixing, kneading, shaping and baking styles to make European-style loaves, buns and rolls, including recipes, techniques and ingredients adapted for our high-altitude kitchens. 

Spaces are limited, reserve yours now by emailing Bogota Pop Ups

September 3: Sourdough
Crusty, chewy and ever so slightly sour, this bread is the result of a long, slow fermentation using a natural sourdough starter. Learn to harness wild yeasts and lovingly coax a loaf to its delicious potential. 

September 10: Bagels
Dense, chewy and beautifully golden, bagels are so much more than bread rolls with a hole. Discover the key ingredients, techniques and fermentation times to create the perfect vehicle for your cream cheese. 

September 17: Brioche
Somewhere between pastry and bread, this enriched yeasted dough is the basis for so many baked goods, both sweet and savoury. Master the basic recipe and discover the many and varied delicious treats you can make, from hamburger rolls to sticky buns! 

September 24: Challah
Show-stopping braided Challah is remarkably easy to make if you know the right techniques. Learn how to fold and tie your dough to create spectacular and delicious buns and loaves. 

275,000 COP
Includes all ingredients, materials and recipes adapted for high altitude baking. 

Course Duration: 
4 classes on Saturdays in September from 10am to 1pm

Course location: 
Santa Barbara Central, Bogota

Spaces are limited, reserve yours now by emailing Bogota Pop Ups. 

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