Upcoming Choco Q Workshops

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Sourdough Baking
Friday December 16, 2016
1pm - 4pm

Location: Santa Barbara Central
Nothing impresses like homemade bread! 
Crusty, chewy and ever so slightly sour, sourdough bread is the result of a long, slow fermentation using a natural sourdough starter. This hands-on class will teach you the mixing, kneading, shaping and baking techniques to make European-style loaves at home. 

Sourdough Baking Class, $30 USD
Includes all ingredients, materials and recipes.

How to Make Chocolate Truffles
Saturday December 17, 2016
10am - 1pm

Location: Santa Barbara Central
For those who want to create their own chocolate treats at home, this hands-on workshop will equip you with the core techniques of working with chocolate and ganache, so you can make delicious chocolate truffles in your own kitchen. Learn to temper chocolate, create and flavour ganache, roll and dip chocolate truffles, and decorate your artisanal creations. 

How To Make Chocolate Truffles $55 USD
Includes all ingredients, materials and recipes plus a beautiful tin of your own truffles to take home.

Chocolate Tasting Workshop
Saturday Jan 14, 2017
3pm - 5pm

Location: Chapinero Alto
As with wine and coffee, it is possible to detect a myriad of aromas and flavours in quality chocolate. Discover the fascinating world of cacao and chocolate in this fun and enlightening chocolate tasting workshop. Learn about how chocolate is made and the different origins, styles and qualities of chocolate. Uncover the meanings of chocolate labels, the varieties of cacao and, most importantly, try a range of Colombian and international chocolates in a delicious and informative tasting. 

This delicious 2-hour class includes a flight of eight different Colombian chocolates.

Chocolate Tasting Workshop $35 USD

Professional Chocolatier - Level 1
Saturdays in February, 2017
10am - 2pm

Location: Chapinero Alto
Do you want to become a professional chocolatier? Learn how to create delicious, gourmet, professional chocolate products with Suzie Hoban, chocolatier and founder of Choco Q Chocolate Artesanal. 

This introductory course will teach you the essential skills including: 

  • Tempering chocolate
  • Making flavoured chocolate bars 
  • Creating, emulsifying and flavouring ganache 
  • Working with different types of chocolate moulds
  • Shelf-life and storage of your chocolate products
  • Creating your own chocolate recipes

The 4-day course includes all ingredients, materials and recipes. 

Professional Chocolatier, Level 1 - $150 USD
Includes all ingredients, materials and recipes.

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