Upcoming Workshop: Tea and Chocolate Pairings! 

Photo by Atticus B

Saturday October 15

Fruity, floral or nutty; 
Caramel, vanilla and cream; 
Leather, smoke, wood and earth; 
Bitter, sweet, acidic, umami.
These words describe just some of the unique aromas found in both tea and chocolate. Put them together, and you create new and extraordinary sensorial experiences!

Choco Q is excited to be working with Bogotá tea bar de / té / en / té to bring you a selection of fine tea and chocolate pairings. Explore the fast-growing world of Colombian single-region chocolates, paired with some of the world's finest teas from Sri Lanka, Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea. Join us in in the beautiful environs of de / té / en / té Tea Bar, located in Centro Internacional - Parque Central Bavaria, Local 162. 

More information: 3836232

Spaces are limited, reserve yours now.

45,000 COP / $16 USD

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